23 June 2017

SAMAEL New album and digital single...

SAMAEL announced the release of the new album “Hegemony” which will be released on October 13th, 2017 via Napalm Records.

The band also released a lyric video for the 1st digital single “Angel Of Wrath” and the lytic video is available at this location.

Pic by Aline Fournier

22 June 2017


“Don´t Mess Around With The Bitch”
Queen of Siam
1986 Aaarrg Records

21 June 2017

VARATHRON "Patriarchs of Evil" on the way!

“One of our most unearthly and abysmal creations so far is already on the way! With those words VARATRHON announced that are working on a new album entitled ”Patriarchs of Evil”.

The band is currently finishing pre-rpoduction and is scheduled to record drums in July, then In September, VARATHRON will take a break for a mini-tour of Canada, and return to finish the album in early autumn. Eager for more from the Greek Black Metal Gods!!

SUMMON "Aesthetics Of Demise"

Iron Bonehead Productions recently released the debut demo tape of SUMMON, a trio from Portugal formed in 2106. “Aesthetics of Demise” is a spell of doom-death metal, shrouded in intense, diabolic and cavernous blackness.

“Aesthetics of Demise” is released on cassette tape format, black tapes with white onbody print, pro-printed 6 panel J-card, limited to 300 copies (artwork by Nether Temple Design). Utter Darkness!


“Coronation Of Our Domain”
1992 R/C Records

19 June 2017


NECROT was formed in 2011, and after three demos released, the band strikes with the debut full length that broke into the scene like a furious monster. “Blood offerings” has receive great reviews and well deserved acclamation. Chad (drums) gave us more details regarding the band and their Blood Offerings… 

All the band members have background in other previous bands, so who was the one behind the idea of forming Necrot?
Luca and Kyle of Acephalix started Necrot. They asked me a few months after if I wanted to try out and that was it. 
Which bands would you name as your main Influences? Have the other bands that you guys were/areinvolved helped to influence the current sound of NECROT?
We all have influences from so many different bands. If I listed them all it would take forever. I think if none of us were in bands before we started Necrot we would've had a harder time getting the sound we wanted. We have all been playing for years to get to the playing ability we are at now. 
Your debut full-length is receiving lots of positive reviews so far, does this means any kind of pressure?What were your expectations towards the fans and media? 
I'm definitely happy about the positive reviews. I think everyone involved with "Blood Offerings" is too. I wasn't sure what to expect when we released the record. I knew it was great and that we put everything we had into the production of it. All that matters is that we were happy with the end result. 
How important is the debut full-length, I mean all the recordings are important but the first ones are always something special for the fans, can you think about some debut full lengths that impressed you the most? 
I really like Grave's "Into the Grave". Everything about the record is killer. Some other ones would be Terrorizer "World Downfall", Repulsion "Horrified", Convulse "World Without God"

It´s quite unusual these days for a band to record three demos before releasing a full length or an EP, sometimes they release a demo or even sometimes none, but your case is like in the old days, I think it was better before when the bands worked hard to write decent stuff and to be truly prepared to enter a studio and record proper songs, don’t you think?
Yeah I completely agree. Having all these years to get the band where it needed to be was the right way to go. We really had a chance to show people what we were doing so they knew what was coming when we released a proper record. There is no point of rushing anything if it is not the right time. So many bands now just release one demo, make a record, and break up pretty soon after. It's crazy to think how long Necrot has been around and all that we have done before we even made a real record. I think the wait was worth it. 
You didn´t re-record any of the demo tracks for the album, so I think you felt like ending a chapter with the demo material, later released as a compilation last year, is that correct? What do you think about “The Labyrinth” compilation?
I would have liked to re-record all the old tracks but at the same time it's good to leave the past behind and move forward. We have played all the demo songs for years now and it is good to finally be playing all the new songs that we have all been waiting years to unleash. "The Labyrinth" Compilation LP was how we always intended those demos to be properly released. We sold out of all those demos very quickly and did not repress them. If you missed out on the original tapes you could get the CD, the LP, or even the compilation cassette. We are extremely thankful that Scotty at Tankcrimes released it for us. It looks and sounds amazing. 
I really dig the sound of the album; can you unveil some details about the recording sessions?  How involved were the band members in production? Did you have a specific idea of how the album had to sound before entering the studio? 
Before we went in the studio we practiced a lot. Even practiced to a metronome to make sure we were solid. The recording started off a little weird. I thought using 16" hi-hats would be a good idea. Three songs in I decided that it sounded bad and had to start all over. We also scrapped the metronome as it was fucking us all up. After that it went pretty smooth. Sonny and Luca both finished their tracks fairly quickly. We spent a good amount of time figuring out the guitar tone for the album. Trying different Amps and pedals and combinations of the two. 
In your opinion what are the significant differences in the songs on the album compared to the demo material?
The demo songs and the album songs are pretty similar to our style. The songs on "Blood Offerings" really step it up a notch. I think they show what our band has become over the last six years. 
Is difficult to pick up songs of the album as in my opinion it is solid and homogeneous work, but I´d say that “Empty hands” and “Shadows and lights” and the opener “The Blade” are among my faves, can you tell something specific about this songs, music and lyric wise? 
All of the songs you picked out were written near the end of the writing process. They are all really great tracks. The Blade I feel is one of the more technical songs we've written.  Shadows and Light and Empty Hands follow the usual Necrot formula. As far as lyrics go, I think everyone comes up with their own opinions and interpretation. I will leave it at that. 
Tell me your impressions and some details about the cover artwork…  
I love it! Marald Van Haasteren is an amazing artist and I'm really happy he agreed to make a cover for us. He took the lyrics and rough tracks of our songs and was able to create something brilliant. His interpretation of "Blood Offerings" is everything I could've wanted. 
Now, about your lyrics, what kind of topics is interesting for Necrot members?
We talk about the suffering endured by humanity from birth til death.
What made you sign with Tankcrimes? How the band and the label did come in contact?
We had always known Scotty since we all lived in Oakland. He had shown interest early on by booking us on shows he would set up. He eventually offered to release our compilation LP and we were obviously into it. It was released in early 2016 and it rules!
What´s your opinion on the current death metal scene? Any bands that you feel a particular affinity with? Which bands would you like to share the stage with?
There are a lot of bands forming all the time. Some bands to look out for would be Phrenelith, Skelethal, Fetid, Mortiferum, Regurgitated Guts, Vöyeur, Ascended Dead, Sempiternal Dusk, Shroud of the Heretic, Mortuous, Skeletal Remains, Morfin, Succumb, and Cartilage (SF). Would love to share the stage with Doom, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, Grave, and Autopsy. 
What do you do when you´re not working with the band, do you have jobs, go to pubs, concerts?
We all work and like to spend time with friends and family
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
One of our first shows was in Olympia at the Track House. It was a rad show! A bunch of weird things happened that night. Some dude was on heroin and fell on his head. He was rushed to the hospital. Some girl showed up in black face. There was a rotting deer carcass upstairs. Bunch of people going fucking crazy while we played! Definitely a night not to forget

What has been the best show you have done so far?
I really liked Power of the Riff last year in Los Angeles. I think we played really well and were treated really well by Southern Lord. 
Do you, or will you play cover versions live?
Not sure. We have always talked about it but never acted on it. 
Tell us more about your future live shows this year? Any offers for a European tour? 
We will be doing a full US tour for the month of July with our friends from Denmark, Undergang. We will be in Europe for the month of October and are really looking forward to it. 
Thanks for your time, the final closing words are up to you…
Thanks for the interview! Be sure to buy the new record and see us when we come to your town!


“Flame Of The Antichrist”
The Force
1986 Under One Flag

16 June 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: MASTER´S HAMMER "Ritual" & "Jilemnický Okultista" Reissues

MASTER´S HAMMER composed, recorded and released two of the best black metal albums, two unique, essential, influential, monumental, avant-garde…and I can continue expressing my admiration for “Ritual” and “Jilemnický Okultista” forever… Now both albums are reissued by the band´s own label Jihosound.

“Jilemnicky Okultista” which in my opinion is a true masterpiece, is officially reissued after a long time, on  gatefold double LP, with two bonus tracks: “Mediální Kresby” and “Litografické Kalendáre”, taken from The Jilemnycký Okultista demo.

“Ritual”, that was previously reissued by Jihosound in 2013 is now presented as gatefold double LP, including as bonus tacks earlier versions of “Zapálili Jsme Onen Svet” and “Geniové”, recorded for the Ultrametal Compilation.

Both albums presented as two 180gms vinyls at 45rpm, with original sound and inserts with original artworks.  

Two beautiful gems that you can get here
Take a look at the video of the band (Franta Storm, Vlasta Henych, Blackosh, Honza Kapák and Silenthell) performing at Futurum, Prague (13/06/17)… Leviathan otvírá svoji tlamu!   

KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" Official Video

If you haven´t seen it yet (perhaps you were too busy or kidnapped) KREATOR and Noise Records launched a new video for “Pleasure To Kill” to celebrate the reissue of the classic first four albums. The vintage VHS images of a young Petrozza and co, are awesome and brings nostalgia of those good old days (at least if you are as old as I am) mixed with some kind of old school slasher movie footage.


“Balfor (Andi fara / Prologr)"
Hordanes Land
1993 Candlelight Records

15 June 2017


“I Am The Bloody Earth”
I Am The Bloody Earth
1994 Peaceville Records

14 June 2017

13 June 2017

12 June 2017


NECROPHOBIC revealed details of the new 7” EP, to be released on August 11th through Century Media. “Pesta” serves as a glimpse into the upcoming album, scheduled for early in 2018. It features the title track, which is a brand new song, and on the b-side the re-recording of “Slow Asphyxiation”, from the 1990 demo.

This new EP also marks the return of Anders Strokirk on vocals, who sung on the classic debut album “The Nocturnal Silence”.

"Pesta" is stricltly limited to 1000 handnumbered copies on different versions (600 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies on silver vinyl, 100 copies on white vinyl – exclusively from CM distro – and 100 copies on clear vinyl exclusively sold at the Cudgel Stand on PartySan Open Air.)

Pre-order available here.


“Where Next To Conquer”
The IVth Crusade
1992 Earache Records

9 June 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: POISON "Hölle Und Vernichtung" Boxset

Yes yes yes!!! "Hölle und vernichtung - Complete discography 1984-1987"   “All the existing POISON recordings from 1984 to 1987 + an extensive choice of unreleased material, over 5 hours of pure infernal Armageddon”…count me in!

F.O.A.D. Records will release all this in a special box set. As I love to hear (and read) the nusicians´ own words about their work, let me reproduce some comments from Uli "Angel Of Death" Hildenbrand, taken from F.O.A.D. Records release info, talking about this special release:
"When F.O.A.D. Records contacted me the first time to discuss the posibility of a complete re-release of all those ancient tapes, I basically thought they were nuts - and told them so - however; through sheer tenacity they managed to convince me that it was about time for a really professional overworking of the material - hence the re-release of the first 3 demos and now THIS: basically everything you always wanted to know about POISON but were afraid to ask for! Seriously; this box has it all - the best sounding -material available, all lovingly remastered and re-designed (with a little help from yours truly); all of it taken from the original masters, some of it never released before! Even I myself was amazed by the results - which is something that happens very rarely - so, if you are a fan and you want to experience the story of the band from the beginning to end, here is your perfect time machine! So if you´re ready for some 5-6 hours of poisonous pleasures - IMMERSE YOURSELF"  Hell yeah!!!

Now the detailed info about what the label calls “This Monster”; it comes in an embossed deluxe box and includes 5 x LPs, 2 x digipack CDs and a 60 page hard cover book collecting all their existing photos, flyers, artworks, ‘zine excerpts and more! Every recording has been ripped from the master-tapes provided by the band and maniacally restored and remastered.

LP1 : “Into the abyss” (remastered by Uli Hildenbrand)
LP 2+3 (gatefold) : Full 1986 Live set in rehearsal (previously unreleased)
LP 4 : The First Gig 1985: “Live Terror” (extended version featuring the complete show, as the ’80s cassette edition wasn’t complete)
LP 5 : Final Gig 1987 and earliest rehearsals 1984 (previously unreleased, including songs that were completely unknown to date)
CD 1 : “Sons Of Evil” Demo 1984 + 5 unreleased tracks from rehearsals 1984 (also including a Venom cover)
CD 2 : “Bestial Death” Demo 1985 + “Awakening Of The Dead” Demo 1986

There is a diehard editon on splatter vinyl with extra backpatch and A! poster limited to 150 copies. Black vinyl limited to 350 copies.  Run like hell and get it…right here.


“Funeral Serenade”
Funeral Serenade
1992 Cogumelo Records

8 June 2017

7 June 2017


A split EP featuring NECROMANTIA and ROTTING CHRIST is certainly something unique!  There are some record labels for which I have special predilection and I follow closely their releases due to its quality and to the style of the bands, and one of those labels is without a doubt Black Vomit Records.
Last year the greek label celebrated 10 years of existence, yeah that trully deserves  a toast to those great releases of obscure records of bands like SAMAEL, ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON, NECRO SCHIZMA, MYSTIFIER among others.

Now Black Vomit announced the release of "Primordial Evil" a special edition split 7” EP “between the forefathers and the inventors of extreme Greek metal, the ones who actually gave birth and shape to the characteristic Hellenic Black Metal sound, NECROMANTIA and ROTTING CHRIST.

“The uniqueness of this Split 7’’ EP, except the undeniable and unquestionable quality of the participants, lies, and is also indicated by the very ideological concept and the context of the release. The participating acts follow the IDEOLOGICAL MANIFESTATION of the Label, by PAYING HOMAGE to EARLIER GENERATIONS, forming an “ATYPICAL MUSICAL PROGONOLATRY”. Unveiling the very concept and reason behind the release, we announce the release of “PRIMORDIAL EVIL”, the FIRST SPLIT 7’’ EP between Greece’s FINEST and LEADING BLACK METAL ACTS, Necromantia and Rotting Christ.

Those words perfectly explain the context and concept of the release. Regarding its content, NECROMANTIA participates with a cover of “Death Rider” by OMEN, featured in the “Covering Evil” compilation CD.
ROTTIGN CHRIST´s song is an exclusive cover of BLACK SABBATH´s anthem “Black Sabbath”.
The EP is limited to 500 copies, 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 on silver vinyl including an exclusive t-shirt specially designed for this release, 50 copies with Necromantia logo and 50 copies with Rotting Christ logo). Pre orders available through Black Vomit webshop (here).  Hail the Hellenic Black Metal Cult!!!

INCANTATION "Rites of The Locust" Advance Track

“Rites Of The Locust”, brand new track from INCANTATION´s upcoming album “Profane Nexus” Brutal!


“Premature Burial”
Premature Burial
1990 Seraphic Decay Records