21 September 2017

DRACENA To Release 3rd Album "Cursed To The Night"

Do you hear the sound of the wings?...yeah the mighty DRACENA returns with a new album, the third full-length “Cursed To The Night” which will soon be released by Infernö Records as a CD and a limited edition MC.

The album features special guest appearancens by Fredrik Folkare from Unleashed/Firespawn on lead solos and melodies and Ola Malmström from Sorcery on additional vocals on one of the songs.
The cover album “The Draque” once again belongs to Mariusz Gandzel.

Two of the 8 album tracks have been revealed, the title track, and “Masque of Death”, and both are great, fierce yet melodic  old school heavy thrash, with Mia´s obsure/raspy vocals as usual, Killer!

Ph: Tallee Savage/Savage photography


“Female Sabbath”
Neutral Forest
1990 Demo

19 September 2017

18 September 2017

15 September 2017


“Feis Mor Tig Na n´Og
(Across The North Sea To Visnech)”
The Sun Of Tiphareth
1995 Osmose Productions

14 September 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: PESTILENCE "Testimony of the Ancients" & "Spheres" Reissue

"Spread this disease" said the promotional flyer/poster announcing the release of "Testimony Of The Ancients" LP back in 1991.  And the music was so good that yes, the disease was spread enough to consider this album as one of the best releases of that year, and perhaps quite enough to include "Testimony" among other classic albums as one of the best death metal records.

Despite the departure of Martin Van Drunen, replaced on vocal duties by Patrick Mameli, whi did a great job. There´s no sense to debate about different vocal skills here, besides, there was no need to "shine" on vocals when the brilliance came from the guitar riffs, melodies and solos of Patrick Mameli and Patrick Uterwijk, the bass lines by Tony Choy, and Marco Fodis´ drumming, all in one, excellent in its architecture and execution.

Having said all this, the album will be re-issued in November on LP (see flyer below) 2CD (with bonus  tracks) and cassette, via Hammerheart Records.

On the other hand, I was never hooked to "Spheres", I have nothing against the experimental vibe of the album, nor the jazzy style or the Guitar synth textures (NOT keyboards, as the band reflects in the booklet) the final result does not satisfies me. 

There is a "space" aura through the whole recording and all in all is a display of progresive, technical music, but never raised my interest nor did I enjoy listening to this album, except for some specific passages, althoug I hail the band for making an unusual album.
"Spheres" will be re-issued in December on LP (see flyer below) 2 CD (with bonus  tracks) and cassette.


“The Beyond”
Pits Of Utumno
1988 Demo

12 September 2017

MASTER'S HAMMER "Ve věži ticha/In The Tower Of Silence" New Song!

Bravo! A New track by the Czechs masters, yeah I´m talking about MASTER´S HAMMER obviously. The band revealed the new track “Ve věži ticha/ In The Tower Of Silence” with the only info that the song will be performed live for the fist time on the next show in Brno, on October 7h.

Until further news I have no more to say that it´s a great, fantastic killer track. Magnifico!

VOMITOR To release new album "Pestilent Death"

The Australian winds bring us pestilential sounds due to VOMITOR´s new track "Tremendous Insane". This fierce old school track comes as advance from the bands upcoming fourth full lenght album "Pestilent Death" to be released later this year through Hells Headbangers.

Raw, tremendous, insane, pestilent old school metal. 


“Certain Death”
1988 Sadus Records