20 November 2017

TRIBULATION Reveal album details/release new video

TRIBULATION revealed artwork of the upcoming and fourth full-lenght entitled "Down Below", which will be released on january 26th, 2018 once again via Century Media. The album painting was done by Tribulation´s guitarist Jonathan Hultén.

The video clip of "The Lament" the first track from the album was releassed a couple of days ago, directed by Robert Piel.

Previous to the release of the full-lenght the band will launch the "Lady Death" 7"EP, on december 22nd, including the title track and the song "Skárselden" on the B-side.

Pre-order for "Down Below" and "Lady Death" available here.

Down Below Tracklist:
The lament
Lady Death
Cries From The Underworld
The World
Here Be Dragons
Come, Become, To Be (Bonus Track)

                                       Ph: Ove Wiksten

WORSHIP VINYL: ASPHYX "The Rack" Anniversary Edition

ASPHYX and Century Media are releasing a special edition of the giant doom/death "The Rack" debut album in order to celebrate the 30th band anniversary.

The limited edition 2LP (and 2CD) re-release features the re-mastered original album and the entire record in original sequence covered by different artists/bands. Here´s the full tracklisting:

DAN SWANÖ (Sweden) "The Quest Of Absurdity"
GRAVE (Sweden) "Vermin"
DESASTER (Germany) "Diabolical Existence"
COFFINS (Japan) "Wasteland Of Terror"
DESERTED FEAR (Germany) "The Sickening Dwell"
HOODED MENACE (Finland) "Ode To An Endless Grave"
ENTRAILS (Sweden) "pages In Blood"
PURGATORY (Germany) "The Rack"

Available as Gatefold 2LP + double-sided poster the release also unveils the previously unseen completed original album artwork with commentary by long time Asphyx designer Axel Herman. Available in the following one-time pressing-only vinyl colour versions:

Black vinyl 900x via all outlets
Golden vinyl 100x via CM webshop
Dark Green vinyl 200x via CM distro
Red vinyl 100x via Asphyx anniversary shows
Clear vinyl 200x via High Roller records
Silver vinyl 500x via Nuclear Blast



“Morbid Devourment"
Left Hand Path
1990 Earache Records

IN MEMORIAM: Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young
06/01/1953 – 18/11/2017
...we salute you

14 November 2017

13 November 2017

BEASTIALITY "Worshipers Of Unearthly Perversions" LP (Update)

BEASTIALITY premiered the track "Witchblood" at Decibel Magazine website. Check it out!!!


Swedish Old-School metallers BEASTIALITY revealed more details of the upcoming debut full-lkenght "Worshipers of Uneaerthly Perversions", to be released on December 15th, through Invictus Productions

Full Tracklisting, cover artwork, ("please note that the band´s logo shall be embossed on the cover art") and new line-up: 

E.von - Blitzkrieg Bass
Heinrich - Holocaust Guitars
E.Jaculator - Genocide Guitar
Axxxelerator - Extermination Drums

The Mist of Mayhem
Sadistic Fornication
Riders of Imminent Death
Apocalyptic Storm
Hill of Crucifixion
Stanken av Uråldrig Död
Shadowside Path

Scroll down to check out the album version of "Apocalyptic Storm" ...

Ph: Cintia Mars

BEASTIALITY strikes again! Great news comming from Invictus Productions as the label announced the release date (December 15th) for the debut album by Stockholm black/speed thrashers.

“Worshippers Of Unearthly Perversions” is the title of the album that will include a new version of “Apocalyptic Storm”, that serves as advance track (check it out below), it differs from the version featured on the "Evil Spells" Compilation released in 2014, the two tracks from the “Demons From Nifhel” promo ("Stanken Av Uråldrig Död" and "Shadowside Path") plus five brand new tracks.

So listen to “Apocalyptic Storm”, invoke your demons and you may also want to check our interview with them made a year ago, going to the interview section, or better and easier, click here.


“Funeral Rites"
Morbid Visions
1986 Cogumelo produçoes

10 November 2017

TAAKE To Release "Kong Vinter" reveal new track.

The new TAAKE album "Kong Vinter" will be released on the 24th November through Dark Essence Records

The album will be released in digital, Digipack CD and vinyl (180gram gatefold cover, black, transparent and white versions - transparente and white versions are limited to 100 copies each).

Here´s the first track revealed, "Inntrenger", so dark and cold as you may expect.


Huset i Havet
Havet i Huset
Fra Bjoergegrend Mot Glemselen
On Top (De Press Cover - bonus track on the vinyul edition)